Saturday, October 31, 2009

a blast from the past No. 2

this is another one of those "used to like them, now think they're crap" illustrations of mine. it's nice and all, but looking at it makes me realize how much i learned in these last few years.
an alien, with a strange looking orifice on it's forehead. i do not know what i was thinking.. 

paid attention more to the design, less to the coloring and rendering. i like it better, it's more amusing.

a blast from the past No. 1

a few months ago i decided to redo some illustrations i made back in 2005. back then i thought they were pretty good. today, when i look at them, i don't know what i was thinking..

this is the first, a fishman, which is exactly what the name suggests- part man, part fish. 
mostly fish though.
i'd say about 60-40.
yeah, that's about right..

this is the new version. decided to give him clothes, he's a fishMAN after all. and made him a bit of an aristocrat. i think fish have that something in their face that makes them look a bit posh, like they think they're better than you.

but they're not. 

old man

i'm posting a bunch of my stuff at once, so the dates are a bit mixed up. this one is at least a year old. i like the expression on this one. mischievous eyes.. you know he's up to something


nothin' much, just a quick one out of boredom. 
it has one of those uber-cool word bubbles that mean absolutely nothing.

absolutely nothing

Australian quickie

set in a backpackers on a sunny day, had some lunch with my laptop open. across from me was an old man reading some book. i liked the color of his shirt, and the way the light bounced from it on his chin. so i sketched

we, the undertakers

this is a digital illustration i did while backpacking across Australia. made for a challenge in a new israeli blog that hosts a variety of very talented israeli illustrators-

took second place. oh well.. 
but regardless of the purpose for which it was made, i really like it. i think it has some Norman Rockwell-ish qualities (not that it's anywhere near his works, but still, one can always dream..)

The Master and Margarita

Read "The Master and Margarita", and loved it. Great book, full of imaginative descriptions, colorful characters, a lot of humor (mostly of the sarcastic kind, which is just my cup of tea). Those are the main characters, with the master, Margarita and woland (the devil in disguise) in the middle.

growing old together

a relatively recent illustration i made as a gift for a friend's wedding. the card said "may you grow old together". this doesn't look anything like the couple, but funny enough, they have a lot in them from my deceased grandparents. completely accidental


ok, first post, hopefully many more will follow.
this is me, just a speed sketch in photoshop that was intended to be a caricature, but somehow wound up halfway between that and a self-portrait..

more to come