Monday, August 30, 2010


Got hold of a nice little program called artrage, which, unfortunately, is relatively unknown. Doesn't have photoshop's advanced editing option or painter's vast selection of tools, but the things it does do, it does great.

Real cheap as well, the newest full version cost me 90$, nothing compared to the ridiculously high prices of both photoshop and painter.


  1. hey assaf cool stuff! i think i can say hummus now lol, and this creature is funny :p

  2. You're incredible! Wesley told me to check out your blog, and I'm in total awe.

  3. hey man
    awesome,awesome work on your blog. love it.
    keep it up!

  4. Hey, I don't know if you know me: I'm an ACCD ED student, as well...

    Absolutely incredible work -- I'm in awe of some of the stuff on your blog. Please continue to post, you're gonna be a beast when you get out of school.