Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Witch

OK, so it's finally done. I changed the pose to make it go with the chicken theme I had in mind. The fur collar was made smaller for the same reason- It makes the silhouette read more like a hen than before, and there's the added plus of having the eyes and face read better, rather than disappear inside the fur.

I went through several variations of face paint to make here look more like a shaman (might put them here later). I also used the red paint to suggest the red skin poultry have on their head.

Hope you like.

Oh, some random trivia- This witch is all about fertility and growing magical flower bushes on barren snowy land. So I figured since she was inuit she could use bone, which is a common material they use for construction.

So what I'm getting at is- her staff is a magical whale penis bone.

Here's a quick edit, for a bit of authenticity:


  1. I absolutely adore the wool poncho and squiggly pants

  2. omg Assaf, this is gorgeous!!! love the sepia one!