Friday, November 16, 2012

Grannies vs. Zombies

This is an ongoing assignment I've been working on for our character 1 class, taught by the awesome Kevin Chen and Hong Ly. It's essentially a game idea about a group of elderly women that decide to take the law into their hands and battle a zombie infestation in their village. Oh yeah, and it's all taking place in Soviet Russia. I'll post more content as the project progresses.

The fast grandma, an ex-gymnast:

The heavy grandma, a potato farmer:

The smart, strategic grandma, a decorated general:

And the babushka, the ultimate proof that looks can be deceiving:

A more fleshed out design of the four young ladies:

And a variation:

And one more, a few faces for good measure. I just love drawing old people:


  1. Wow. Some of the best character work I've seen anywhere.

  2. your imagination is so fresh! super inspiring stuff!